LUNAR NEW YEAR -Booking link

Lunar New Year 2024



Scallop crackers, smashed cucumber with fried peanuts 

Baked pork buns, XO mayo

Prawn and chive wonton with Sichuan chilli sauce

 Sweet and sour crispy fish

Red braised twice cooked pork hock with sweet black vinegar sauce, fermented cabbage

 Chinese crepe noodle salad with dill and garlic

Kang kong salad with chilli dressing & smoked tofu

Jasmine rice

Lychees in ginger syrup, almond milk jelly, peach granita

VALENTINES DAY – Booking link

Valentines Day 2024


 Ma hor 

Betel leaf with tea smoked duck, chilli jam and fresh plum

Raw tuna with coconut, lime, blackened corn, cherry tomato, green chilli and Thai basil

Butterflied king prawn with chilli butter, crunchy garlic crumb

Red curry of NZ Ora king salmon with wild ginger, betel leaf and Thai basil 

Deep fried cured pork ribs, green mango pickle

Jasmine rice

Mango, Coconut & Lychee Trifle

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